Friday, June 17, 2011

The Market is Finished!

A view of the market from the roof of the building across the street.

Looking in towards the market from the top of Main St.

The edge of the market where it meets the park space. This shows the variation in the section lengths of the market floor as well as the bench we located next to the stage.

The market as viewed from the buildings.

This mural has been on the back of the adjacent building since before we built the farmers market. You can see it along the back alley we're now using as access for parking for our market.

One of the first market days. We have a few vendors set up, as well as a musician singing and playing the guitar.

Some words of praise and appreciation from the people of Covington. Thank you Tech students! Go Hokies! VT

Friday, June 3, 2011

Roof Details

We installed gutters to the edges of the roof to prevent excess water from falling on people as they walk in and out of the market structure.

We designed the roof so that any water that fell it would be channelled into one of three separate downspouts, which all lead to a water cistern under the market floor by the building. This water will be reused as the gray water for the bathroom, as well as water used to clean the market floor when needed.

One of the pieces of the gutter mid-installation. This last piece finished up the park side of the market roof.

The market roof complete with gutters.