Friday, October 8, 2010

Deconstruction of the Tire Warehouse, Phase I

This past Wednesday, October 6th, the design build lab students went up to Clifton Forge for the day to begin deconstruction on the Tire Warehouse behind the Masonic Theatre. We began by cleaning out the debris and items left behind by the previous owners, and getting rid of any unusable material.

Once certain sections of the warehouse had been cleaned we began to power wash the interior of the space, including the timber framing. Any reusable or recyclable materials were set aside.

We also began to dismantle parts of the metal siding of the warehouse, which will be recycled and reused. On our next visit we will continue to take apart the metal siding and we will begin to dismantle the roof.

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  1. This past weekend, design/build lab students completed phase 2 of the deconstruction of the tire warehouse behind the Masonic Theatre. survival warehouse location