Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Market Proposal Projects

While most of the posts so far have been about the deconstruction of the Tire Warehouse and what's been going on in and around Clifton Forge and Covington, design/build lab has been working continuously throughout the semester on ideas and designs for the market structure itself. None of these designs have been deemed "the one," but we've been using different aspects and ideas from the many different projects to incite important conversations about features of the market.

The next few posts will display some of the projects that we've been working on for Covington. Pictures of models and drawings will be accompanied by a couple of sentences with the basic concept behind the design.

The idea for the project is to create a gathering place in downtown Covington. A rectilinear form defines the sheltered area and creates an open space that can accommodate a variety of activities. The use of rustic materials in both the pavilion and park designs relates to the community’s historical context and will create visual continuity throughout the site.

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