Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Building Prefabrication Phase III

On Monday, May 9th, the three building sections were transported from the prefabrication site in Blacksburg up to the Market site in Covington. Preparations had already been made on site for the building's arrival. The slab was poured to support the building as well as provide the flooring.
Each building section was build and loaded onto the transportation truck separately, and later hoisted into place over the prepared slab. Anchor bolts were installed during the pouring of the slab to properly attach each building to its location on the slab. We had to adjust the rooms as they were lowered so that the holes drilled aligned with the bolts already included in the slab.

The storage room of the market building installed properly on site.

A view from Monroe St. of two of the building sections after being installed on site. All three buildings are on site and ready for the finalizing of interior details.

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