Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Market Floor Installation Phase I

In order to keep the market floor sections square and rigid during transport, the decking frames were built and decked so there would be no compromising holes that would make the frame weaker. Before the market floor sections could be lifted into place on site, spaces for the column placement had to be cut out of the frames using a jig saw.

Frames were then strapped and moved from their original unloading spot on the MeadWestvaco lot to the Craft Shop's lot, where the crane was able to access them.
Each decking section was then lifted from the parking lot to the site over the columns that had already been installed. Smitty, our crane operator, was then able to position the sections for installation.

We raised one side of each deck to be able to move it in between the columns until the pre-cut holes were lined up with the columns. Smitty then lowered each deck so that we could place it properly.

The market floor currently stretches Main St. down to just before the building. Some decks will be built in-place on site to ensure proper alignment with the building's slab.

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