Friday, May 20, 2011

Roof Installation Phase I

Roof sections were transported with the ceiling-side up, so before we could make any progress towards placing any of the sections, there were a few final steps that had to be taken. First, sections had to be flipped so that they were right side up. We used straps to attach to the crane to pull one side up, and then carefully lowered each section so that the roofing side would face upwards. We then applied waterproofing titanium underlayment. The underlayment will protect the roof sections from any rainfall or water penetration until the metal roofing is put on next week.

Once each section was fully flipped and protected, we reattached straps to the roof sections so that Smitty, our crane operator, could lift the sections and position them on site.

The roof group boys coming together to pray for the safe installation of their roof sections.

Three roof sections were up at the end of the day Wednesday.

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  1. Heh, seeing heavy machinery do the lifting is amazing, no matter how many times you watch. It's cool to see the roof go up. Steadily, progress is being made, and so far everything is looking fine.

    -Sierra Nordgren