Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ground Prefabrication Phase II

In order to line up the decking pieces, finishing nails were used as spacers between rows of locust to keep consistent spacing throughout. Some of the wood was bowed or warped, so we had to use bow wrenches, ratchet straps, or clamps to line the pieces up properly.

Once the wood was aligned, we had to pre-drill holes in the locust to prepare for screws. Since locust wood is so dense, it was too difficult to screw directly into the wood without any preparation or guidance.
We used a screw gun to insert the screws into each decking piece. The screws attach the market floor to the joists beneath.

One of the final widths of decking pieces. Due to restrictions on transportation ability based on size, each market width had to be divided into two sections, which we framed and decked together for instillation on site. The market floor will consist of fifteen two-deck sections from Main St. until the Alley at the end of the property.

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