Friday, May 6, 2011

Roof Prefabrication Phase III

JENFAB, Inc. came to our Blacksburg facility Tuesday and Wednesday to begin loading, transporting, and unloading completed prefabricated sections of the market roof up to Covington.

Because many of the roof sections were parked throughout the site, we had to move and prepare the sections for departure before they could be moved. Once they were relocated to an appropriate site for the forklift to be able to lift and maneuver each truss section onto the flatbed truck. Straps were pulled through the trusses and used to lift the section up for its movement.

Once each section was lifted, we had to guide it to a space where the truck would back up for loading purposes. Because of the many buildings in the area, much caution was used in the movement and guidance of the prefabricated pieces.

The section was then lowered onto the flat bed, where we used blocks to accommodate the unique angles of each piece.

Sections were then separated from the fork lift and strapped down to the bed to secure the pieces for limited movement in preparation for the trip up I-81 to Covington.

Due to the size of the load, as well as regulations for highways, appropriate safety precautions were taken and signage was used to make drivers aware of the larger size of the truck's cargo. Two trusses were able to be sent up at a time on the truck.

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