Friday, May 20, 2011

Roof Installation Phase II

After successfully installing three of the roof sections on Wednesday, we spent Thursday and Friday completing the roof installation. Sections were hoisted into the air and positioned above their spots in the columns, where our studio worked together to get all the pieces in their proper places without any problems.

In order to help with the placement of the sections, we attached leashes to the sections before they went up so that we could use them to maneuver each roof portion into place. Some of the maneuvering required a lot of help, as can be seen by the above photo.

For the installation, one student had to be at each of the four columns that the new section would be arriving on to ensure that the roof sections were getting connected to the columns. Once the sections were in place we began to bolt them to the columns so that they could remain in place.

Titanium underlayment from each section overlapped onto another to prevent water leakage from section to section.

A view of the roof from inside the market space.

The roof was finished being fully installed on Friday evening. This photo shows the roof stretched along the length of the market space from Main St. where it meets Monroe.

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